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Shots Fired..

Triple Point Brewing x Heist Brew Co - Shots Fired - WC IPA - 7.2% ABV


When two Sheffield craft heavyweights get their heads together over a West Coast IPA recipe you know damn straight I’m all over it..😛🍻

Triple Point Brewing & Heist Brew Co are rarely caught napping when it comes to putting out regular bangers, but this collaborative treat of a Westie came out of nowhere - much to my excitement.

Hitting the mark squarely in terms of a classic West Coast flavour profile, with plenty of bitterness to go with it.

A malty base is sweet, biscuity, and toffee like - just enough to ease the tastebuds in, before vibrant citrusy notes of orange marmalade, pithy grapefruit, and bags of resinous pine come barrelling in.

A clean feel and sharp finish, ensure this is refreshing to sip at, despite the sharp snap of bitterness.

A finely poised West Coast, with all the right ingredients ticked off. Good work👍






Brew Smut Rating 4.25

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