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4 venues in 1 afternoon

Check out our recommended 4 venue mini-crawls. Mix it up, add them together or stick to the plan, it's completely up to you. You can use the toggles on the map to display different crawls and their directions.


El Clasico

This crawl is based in S3 and takes you to three of the best traditional pubs in the city. The Fat Cat, Kelham Island Tavern and Shakespeare's are popular with Real Ale drinkers and more casual pub goes alike. We threw in The Bar Stewards to give you the chance to try something a bit different. A craft beer bar with keg and cask, as well as some of the craziest new brews from the up and coming craft beer world.


All aboard the Beer Train

If you only have a few hours in Sheffield and you arrive by train, this is the one for you. Four excellent venues, including two brewery taps with fresh tank beer, An iconic city centre pub and a craft beer bar.



Start of with a famous pie from the Notty House, before heading to Fox & Duck and the York. Finally, wander down to The Itchy Pig to experience one of Sheffield's favourite micropubs.


Hilltop Crawl

Starting at the top of the hill in Two Sheds. Followed by a step over to The Punch Bowl. It's a gentle stroll down the main road through Crookes to Early Bar. Finally head to The Old Grindstone for a celebratory game of pool!


Heading into town?

Start off with a few cheap pints at The Springvale before heading over to The Closed Shop, one of Stancill Brewery's pubs. Opposite the Closed Shop is the Hallamshire House, a Thornbridge Pub. Finish this crawl off by heading down to Berlin Calling on Barber Road.

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