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Loxley Brewery - Corvus #2 - Pale Ale - 4.2% ABV


Loxleybrewery impressed me no end with their West Coast pale ale - Kasper. It excelled in terms of flavour, and nailed the style perfectly in my opinion. Another of their beers canned at the same time was Corvus - a straight up American pale, with plenty of hoppy character.

Pouring nice and lively, with plenty of carbonation and a brightly coloured body, first impressions are good.

Nothing too crazy going on here in terms of taste - just a medley of fruity flavours, that are measured against a piney backdrop. A forthright and fairly robust bitterness makes itself known throughout, adding weight to the overall enjoyment.

I’m a big fan of these no-nonsense American pale ales. When done well like this one, they retain a tight balance of being session friendly, without sacrificing on flavour and bold character.

Loxley have got it right. Big love for that.

Thumbs up for the can artwork too.


Brew Smut Rating - 4.00

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