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Loxley Brewery - Kasper - WC IPA - 5.5% ABV


What’s this…? Another new West Coast IPA fresh out the blocks, and proudly wearing a ‘Made In Sheffield’ label..?

Damn straight it is.

loxleybrewery are stepping up their respective craft credentials with their first canning run, and the release of this smasher of a Westie. I smell bigger things for these guys if this is anything to go by..👊

‘Kasper’ is pretty much everything you could want or expect from a well sorted West Coast - bags of malty character, hoppy, citrusy, all wrapped together with that deep and sticky hit of resinous pine. Of course there’s bitterness - plenty of bitterness in fact, but not so much as to become aggressive or overpowering of the bright citrus fruit and orange marmalade flavour.

Fair to say Loxley have smashed it with this release - and in the process added another damn fine Sheffield made West Coast IPA into the mix. It’s worth mentioning the artwork and aesthetic is looking bang on point too.

Fingers crossed we will see a move into regular canning runs, and maybe even an experimentation with some different styles throughout 2022.

Either way I’m on board.


Brew Smut Rating - 4.25

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