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DYAD // Citra + El Dorado SE

Triple Point Brewing - DYAD // Citra + El Dorado - NEIPA - 6% ABV


Any self respecting Sheffield craft beer fan should be well aware of Triple Point Brewing and their popular twin hop, New England IPA series - DYAD.

With this latest special edition release of the series, Triple Point have decided to look back to the original version of this pairing, but liberally supercharge what was already a hop-forward version of their popular DYAD series of IPA’s.

With the addition of a very generous double dry hopping, Citra & El Dorado have come together here again in total tropical harmony to make this new iteration everything the original set out to be….only bigger and better!

Enticing aromas of mandarin, passion fruit and mango hit the nose right from the moment the beer hits the glass - drawing you into a sun drenched array of exotic flavour. Ripe mango, orange, pineapple, passion fruit and fleshy peach all vie for a place on your tastebuds, while a subtle envelope of earthy bitterness wraps itself around these sweeter notes to deliver a supremely well balanced palette of flavours.

A smooth, velvety feel, and well mannered finish seal the deal for me.

Probably the finest I’ve had from Triple Point, and this series so far👉💯





Brew Smut Rating - 4.50

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